Acute appendicitis proposed to treat without surgery

Inflammation of the vermiform Appendix cecum, a normal Appendix, which recognize uncomplicated offer be treated using antibiotics. Medical Xpress reports that a study on this subject was undertaken by a group of scientists from the Royal medicine centre in Nottingham. A fresh report about the results of their work was published in the British Medical Journal.

The study involved nine hundred patients with acute appendicitis without complications, of which only four hundred and thirty participants underwent surgery, and the rest were treated in a conservative way, which received antibiotics.

As the results show, sixty-three percent of patients who received antibiotic therapy, were able to successfully complete the course of treatment, the symptoms of appendicitis in this group of participants, they were not observed in the next year. The risk of developing some complications after treatment, participants who had undergone surgery to remove the Appendix, was thirty one percent higher.

The study authors noted that the time of hospital stay and the effectiveness of treatment in the two test groups did not differ. That is why scientists recommended to start easy treatment nesolozhennogo appendicitis through the use of antibacterial drugs. In addition, a similar therapy researchers are advised to use in difficult diagnostic cases. Scientists also noted that removal of the vermiform process is the preferred operation in the presence of overt symptoms of peritonitis.

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