Acupuncture helps with upset stomach

Scientists from the U.S. and U.K. study found that acupuncture helps with upset stomach. Scientists from the Technical University in Texas together with his colleagues at the University of Oxford has published impressive results of their research regarding acupuncture.

After the procedure patients were completely lost symptoms such as heartburn, bloating, vomiting, nausea. Often similar to the symptoms observed in people suffering from diabetes. According to the researchers, there are few treatments for such disorders, and many patients have to endure these unpleasant symptoms due to the fact that pharmacological therapy is limited.

It should be noted that scientists developed and tested a technique in which a wireless device acting on specific points on the patient's body, without the use of needles. Daily conducted a four-hour sessions with the participation of volunteers, after which they recorded in their journals about their health. It was after sessions, retching was reduced by 39 percent compared to participants that the scientists were given a placebo. Nausea was reduced by 30 percent, and bloating 21 percent.

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According to scientists, this method is intended to alleviate the condition of those patients who do not help other therapy.

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