Acupuncture as a new way of treating the symptoms of seasonal allergies

It has long been known about the healing properties of acupuncture. In addition to relieving pain, it is able to treat the symptoms of allergies: sneezing, coughing, burning sensation and pain in the eyes. Many people worldwide suffer from seasonal Allergy, and are forced to treat them by taking antihistamines, which are designed to alleviate its symptoms.

A recent study discovered the ability of acupuncture to reduce the severity of symptoms. Thus, we can say that it has detected another alternative Allergy treatment.

American researchers from the University of North Carolina studied the condition of 422 people who respond positively to pollen, and during this reaction, they started a runny nose. Participants were divided into 3 groups. One group underwent a course of acupuncture, which consisted of 12 treatments. As necessary, the participants of the first group took antihistamines. The participants of the second group underwent an arbitrary acupuncture, and also, if necessary, took the mentioned drugs. The third group only took the drugs without treatments of acupuncture.

After two months, all participants were gathered together and asked for the symptoms of Allergy to pollen.

The participants of the first group who have completed a course aimed acupuncture, reported that they were taking medications much less frequently, and in addition, the symptoms become less severe.

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Participants in the second group, which needle has not entered a directed method, also noted some improvements in their health status. In this case, scientists have linked their improvement with the placebo phenomenon. In addition, 4 months after the adoption of the course of treatment, the effect began to wane, which suggests that acupuncture treatments should be done frequently and regularly.

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