A real scandal broke out around Charlie sheen. Yesterday he admitted that he is infected with HIV. About the diagnosis the actor learned four years ago, but his sexual partner tell you what not heard anything about HIV status Charlie sheen.

The actor is known for addiction to drugs, alcohol, and questionable behavior. Now he is the chosen way was wrong. During all four years he could not accept the diagnosis and the thoughts that you gave someone HIV. Shin went to the hospital with constant headaches, and the tests there identified he the human immunodeficiency virus.

"It all started with headache and sweating, I was sent to the hospital, and I thought that I had a brain tumor, but tests showed that was the cause of the pain. These three letters are difficult to accept." Charlie sheen, according to the doctors who regularly takes drugs, so the disease is under control. Now the actor has completely abandoned narcotic drugs and reduce alcohol consumption, writes the BBC.

Most often HIV is transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse and sharing of disposable syringes. There is currently no vaccine against HIV, but scientists are working on this issue. Note modern drugs can control the virus and ensure a decent life for those infected with HIV.

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