Active sex contributes to obtaining high positions

Proven that sex has a positive effect on overall health: improves mood and physical form. Recently scientists have been installed, and the new fact. It turns out that people, sexually active, work on higher positions and earn more money. On average, these people have sex for a week more than four times.

People need love and close relationship with the opposite sex (not just physical). In the absence of this connection, the person experiences loneliness, depression, depression that may affect the work. According to doctors-sexologists need for sex Mature person - a basic need that must be satisfied along with food and sleep. Without meeting these requirements, it is difficult to talk about further growth, career, for example.

Nick Decaris, lecturer at Cambridge University, has studied the group of persons consisting of 7.5 thousand respondents. The age of participants ranged in the area of 25-50 years. Respondents were asked about their physical health, mental attitude, quality of sexual life, their health, their position. Respondents were not only supporters of traditional relationships were representatives of the LGBT community, but they were the minority.

The conclusions were not long in coming: people who have sex four times a week or more, according to statistics, earn 5% more less active citizens. Those who are excluded sex from your life for any reason, and get less. The study noted was a higher level of communication skills, the ability to behave in society, increased stress tolerance in people with normal sexual life.

The scientific community confirms that higher wage levels among sexually active citizens and the relationship between income level and quality of sexual life. It does not matter whether the person has any pathologies and diseases that are not associated with sexual system - this link is always preserved, regardless of gender and health.

Still unknown is whether an active sex life is a cause or a consequence of a good income. It is possible that this situation is paradoxical. More likely to go on dates, we need more money. In addition, a high level of income in most of its increases the attractiveness of the partner in the eyes of others. It is therefore not necessary to take the results of research literally.

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