Acne scars - how to avoid!

If you have acne or pimples, you know how easily remain after acne, small scars on the skin, which can damage the skin and look, at least, unattractive. These scars can be from light brown to dark brown. In particularly difficult cases can even be black acne scars.

Mostly acne scars appear after severe inflammation. The scars can appear due to improper cleaning of the face.

To learn how to prevent the appearance of acne scars, read our article.

1. In order not to have scars after acne, you need to treat the inflammation as soon as it appeared. Ignoring even a small pimple, you risk to cause complications and more severe inflammation of the skin.

2. Avoid anything that causes inflammation of the skin - do not use the tonal resources, do not eat spicy, fatty and sweet, drink more water.

3. Never make mechanical cleaning of the face independently. Improper cleaning will leave behind scars on the skin.

4. Constantly treat acne. Even a simple homemade recipes for anti acne will help you to reduce inflammation and, consequently, will minimize the risk of appearance of acne scars.

5. If spots on the skin after acne has appeared, then you will help the lemon juice. Just wash your face with warm water and soap and using a cotton swab, apply lemon juice on the skin and leave to dry. Lemon juice will make the scars and spots are not as noticeable.

6. To cure acne scars you will need baking soda, which should be diluted with water and RUB the resulting slurry scars every day.

7. Tea tree oil is another effective remedy against acne, but against of acne scars. Tea tree oil is one of the best treatments for acne. Just apply with a cotton stick of butter on each pimple or scar and soon the inflammation will go down.

8. In order to remove acne scars you should wipe them with a mixture of sandalwood, cucumber pulp and rose water every day. This tool will help to prevent the appearance of acne scars and good heals inflammation.

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