Acne leads to depression, scientists say

Characteristic of suffering from acne manifestations of people's critical perception of their appearance has a negative impact on their psycho-emotional state. To such conclusion scientists from the University of calgary, identifying the relationship between depression and prelimi rash. The likelihood of depressive States at a high level maintained during the year after the start of protivopravnoy therapy. The results of the studies reported The Hindustan Times.

Scientists revealed the increased tendency to depression in 63% of patients treated for acne less than a year. The indicator decreased over time. Experts believe that the mental state of people undergoing acne treatment, requires increased attention from physicians.

Earlier researchers have established a link between depressive disorders and epilepsy. The study showed a high likelihood of depression in patients with focal epilepsy. The presence of generalized epilepsy influenced the development of mood disorders along with other people. This allowed scientists to conclude a tendency suffering from focal epilepsy to various depressive manifestations.

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