Acne is a major problem businesswomen

Scientists from Kenterberiskie hospital found that nearly half of successful women aged 20 years have problems with pimples and rashes on the face, even if they hadn't had a pimple in their Teens.

Theory scientists is that a large amount of stress, which falls on the share of women compared with previous generations, stress leads to greater development of the male hormones that are not positively affects the skin.

Dermatologists have discovered that acne in adults is different acne in adolescents. As a rule, teenagers pimples appear in the T-zone: forehead, nose, chin. Woman, aged 25 years, faced with persistent stains deeper under the skin. And women suffer from acne three times more often than men because their skin is especially sensitive to male hormones.

Dr. Suzanne Baron says : "the time has Come to reconsider the opinion of doctors on acne. Now they are a problem not only teenagers, but adult women".

It is in adulthood, when a woman falls family, career, life it appears most of the skin problems.

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