Accustom the child to follow the carriage

The correct posture of the human body is determined by the condition of the musculoskeletal system. The most important role of the spinal column. Since birth he has no constant form and gets it only when the person turns the age of 18-20. If you look back, the spine looks straight, and the side look like the letter S.

Children with a curved spine and now a lot. Among girls, this phenomenon occurs more frequently than boys, especially at the age of 11 - 15 years. In this period of life the skeleton is growing faster than the muscles. In a short time the broken relationship between the individual parts of the body and creates anatomical and physiological prerequisite for spinal curvature. This uneven and rapid growth is particularly evident over the last 3-4 decades. The following reasons: unsuitable for the appropriate age Desk, chair or table, where the child works; not corrected vision: incorrect position of notebooks, sketchbooks or books for reading; a sedentary lifestyle and lack of movement.

Initially only worsens posture. Gradually, however, tired and weakened muscles. Often bad habit leads to irreparable curvature of the body, as well as to diseases of the back and spine.

Minor curvatures of the spine in children, there is no special complaints. Each weak curvature, however, may become more severe. In such cases, it will be difficult work of the heart and lungs will be accelerated cardiac activity and shallow breathing, the body will not receive enough oxygen. These children get tired with little physical effort and can not withstand more intense mental work. They are weak, distorted and sharpley, physical illness leads to changes in the psyche. Feeling them lower, these children look depressed, suffering. Some young men with strongly curved spine unfit for military service, they feel handicapped already from an early age. The most severe form of spinal curvature are subject to serious surgical intervention, accompanied by a prolonged treatment.

To prevent curvature of the spine, you have children to provide appropriate furniture - chairs, tables, and later, in school and desks. You need to carefully observe the correct position of the child when he prepares lessons. It is important that the notebook or album lay smoothly and was at a distance of 25 to 30 cm from the eye. Night lighting of the workplace and premises where the child should be strong enough. It is important that children have time for games. You cannot ask a child at the same time that he studied a foreign language, learning to play the piano or violin, and certainly was round excellence in school: school programs are quite difficult and require a lot of time for their execution. Physical exercise at least partly cover the needs of the child's body in motion.

If the student appears curvature of the spine, it is necessary to address to the doctor. For students with a curved spine are special group gymnastics. In summer many of them sent to camps. At home you can do special exercises to prevent curvature of the spine. Exercises should be done several times a day at that time, when the students prepare lessons.

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