According to women, men have fun more

Women have less ability to enjoy life in the social environment than men. The reason for this busy schedule and pressure from family. As shown by a recent study, a third of women admitted that sees your life a little boring, but men, they said, better spend their free time.

75% of women attributed this to the fact that men are less concerned with domestic problems. While more than half of respondents believe that men pay less attention to the opinions of others. 39% is associated with a more active social life, study says entertainment portal

Often in the enjoyment of life women hinders their character. Some noted that limit themselves due to excessive shyness. Only about one in seven women have the courage to initiate, to Express themselves as extroverted. Only 5% of women admitted in the ability to amuse themselves. In 30% of cases this role young people and men.

At the same time, 25% of British men consider themselves to be extroverted, loving to have fun. 11% believe that can amuse themselves more often than others. In the opinion of the psychologist Anguli of Mutandi, to solve the pair must refuse to psychologically divide household duties on "female" or "male". The best will be sharing all equally. In this case, women will be able to unload.

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