According to the survey, doctors Russians prefer self-treatment

Every third diagnosis and prescribing of medicines is carried out independently. According to the poll, conducted among residents of 138 settlements from 46 regions, territories and republics of Russia, in matters of health and treatment of diseases of the society at the moment are divided almost equally. Only 55% of respondents feeling ill, go to the doctor. 6% of people prefer to use private specialists. For all other major remain the doctors at the public health facilities.

The remaining 45% of respondents to the doctors did not appeal, they resort to self-treatment, or receive advice from doctors on the Internet, but the treatment - what and when to take how long and in what quantity these people decide on their own.

Three percent of the respondents, the disease generally starts itself on the principle of "self-healing". According to these people, the medications they don't drink, homeopathy is not in use. Another 2% of the respondents immediately visit witchdoctors and traditional healers. And about half a percent that participated in the survey said that nothing and had never been ill.

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