According to the survey, 7 percent of Britons suffer from impotence

Until now it was believed that most often refuse to have sex women. But in recent years have increasingly refuses sex male half of the population, while women would not mind to make love.

Leaders in popularity among men's excuses are fatigue, presence of children or Pets, a full stomach and so on. But behind all this erectile dysfunction, in other words, impotence, which is getting younger every year.

Previously it was believed that impotence threatens people aged 56 years, but a recent study found that erectile dysfunction can strike a man at almost any age. The reason is that the constant stress and changing pace of life. Often, men are not able themselves to admit that they have this problem and prefer to explain their inaction in the sexual plan anything, but not impotence.

In the course of the experiment, the scientists interviewed about 2000 people, 7 percent of which had erectile problems and specifically hide this fact from their partners. At the same time, it appeared that women guess about what is happening.

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Meanwhile, doctors are encouraging men as the occurrence of impotence does not mean the complete cessation of sexual life.

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