According to the study, the bones of men are destroyed due to an internal obesity

According to RIA "Novosti", according to the new work, conducted at the Harvard medical school, the presence of a man "beer belly" is a sign of risk of diseases associated with the heart and blood vessels, possible problems with the bones.

It's no secret that obesity in men is the cause of asthma, high cholesterol, sleep apnea. To this list were added now and diseases of the bones. At the same time, the lion's share of the work, studying osteoporosis, until recently figured women.

Moreover, this particular case considers not normal, subcutaneous fat, and the fat that lies beneath the muscle tissue located in the abdominal cavity. The thickness of this layer is often influenced by heredity, diet and level of physical activity.

In a study conducted with 35 full men, whose average age was 34 years and had a body mass index of 36.5 were performed imaging of the hips and belly. This contributed to the determination of the volume of the muscle and adipose tissue. And to assess the quality of bone tissue used images of the forearm and the finite element method (network to identify the strength of the material).

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It turned out that due to the large inner layer of fat, namely, the fat located in the abdominal area, the strength of the bone tissue decreased in two times. The result did not depend on the total body mass and age.

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