According to the study, childbirth cause panic and fear in 10% of women

Most women childbirth are associated with emotions, especially if they are the first. But, according to the BBC, some births may result in these injuries. The only way it becomes a caesarean section.

A similar problem occurs in 10% of women. This disorder is given the name "tokophobia". According to Zara Chamberlain of the Royal midwifery College, this deviation is poorly understood obstetricians and gynecologists.

Tokophobia may be caused by fear, pain, past experience difficult births, depression and even sexual trauma. If the cause of phobias is problematic childbirth, it is likely that previous generations have caused severe pain, tears or bad transfer birth of the child.

The study found that by carrying out caesarean prefer exactly previously parous women. This refutes the accepted point of view that the operation choose modern women who wish to avoid difficulties.

According to Simo Michigan of the women's hospital Liverpool women suffering from tokophobia not need to deny the possibility of the procedure, but during pregnancy gradually to minimize the manifestation of fear. The problem is based on the perception of a lack of full control. Therefore, a C appears to be a way of achieving this control.

At the same time, it is no secret that sometimes women prefer a complete abortion. Fear can arise even in adolescence, when a girl talk about something scary, or she witnesses something unpleasant associated with childbirth.

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In addition, strong excitement women during childbirth can cause complications and the need for emergency surgery. In the future you may receive tests that determine how anxious pregnant woman.

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