According to the statements of scientists, married men are less likely to die from cancer

The studies, which were conducted by a team of scientists from the state of Arizona (United States), it was found that the mortality from cancer of men, consisting in a happy marriage, significantly lower than bachelors or widowers.

Specialists conducted a detailed analysis of more than 120 thousand histories, which have a direct relationship with rakoobraznymi diseases.

In the end, more than 45% of married men diagnosed with prostate cancer, were able to survive after realizing this distressing disease. A similar pattern can be observed among male patients who suffer from prostate cancer. A characteristic feature is that according to scientists, the high rate of survivability occur in married men, but the high mortality from severe disease is more prevalent among the divorced, single or widowers.

To date researchers have not been able to establish the exact cause, which consist of happily married men rapidly increase the chances of life. Some explain this by the fact that thanks to the care of their wives, husbands have time to detect the disease at an early stage and undertake an appropriate course of treatment. Also, was put forward the theory that widowed or divorced men, more susceptible to stress, which contributes to the speedy progression of the cancer.

The truth is still shrouded in some mystery, leaving thereby a wide bridgehead activities for scientists, researchers, and ordinary people are giving another strong argument in favor of marriage.

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