According to scientists, taking a child to school by car is bad for his health

Unique the conclusion the American scientists published The Daily Mail. According to the University of Southampton professors Stephen Holgate, is the enemy of practice to get the child to school by car, the area of the rear seat of the vehicle is exposed to 3 times higher levels of exposure to toxic substances. In addition, students whose parents deliver children to school by private transport, lack of communication with peers on the way to school and are at greater risk of obesity.

The scientist is convinced that there is no level of air pollution, not dangerous to humans. The minimum content of toxins can cause a number of serious diseases in children. This is confirmed by early studies of the Barcelona experts, summarizing the negative effects of air pollution on the development of children's memory. Much more useful to go to school on foot or by bike.

Scientific experiments were carried out with the participation of more than 1,200 children 7-10 years of age, from 39 training institutions. The task of the participants of the study consisted of daily school attendance throughout the year. Within the specified time specialists regularly recorded levels of attention and memory of students. In addition, we evaluated the level of influence of the ecological state and environment on the way to school and back.

The result of the research, scientists have found a negative impact of PM2. 5 and carbon black on the development of working memory in children. The high content of designated substances reduced the level of working memory in the proportions of: PM2. 5 – 4.6%, carbon black – by 3.9 %. The researchers stressed the importance of choosing a more environmentally friendly school route for children.

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