According to experts, the future achievements of the child in school depend on the parents

A recent study conducted by a group of employees at new York University, demonstrated that home schooling in the early years of a child's life is crucial to its future success in school.

So, those of children whose parents care about is to periodically provide them with various training materials (books, educational toys), literally from the cradle to talk to them about serious subjects, demonstrate significantly earlier development of cognitive abilities. This allows them to succeed in school.

Scientists monitored a group of children from the moment of birth to the transition into the fifth grade. The analysis included factors connected with the level of academic achievement.

The results showed that the three main points that have a positive impact on the development in children of skills of coherent speech and other abilities was: the quality of interaction with parents, active participation in learning activities and having appropriate materials for learning (toys or books).

In General, the academic performance of fifth graders in a very direct way depended on whether they taught his parents since childhood.

The researchers stated that the learning environment is not subjected to any changes during the entire observation period, and the parents continued to hinder or, on the contrary, to foster in their offspring new skills.

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