According to experts, due to sexually transmitted diseases the nature of humanity is under threat

At the end of XX century there was a decline of sexually transmitted diseases. Should be prepared for the fact that the number of patients with HIV will begin to widen again. This became known after the performance experts at the International Congress of diseases that are sexually transmitted.

Also during the Congress, it was announced bacterial infections. Time goes by ,and bacteria also develop and become very stable. This is because no new drugs. Most worth talking about gonorrhea and syphilis.

Regarding diseases such as fungal, viral infections (papilloma of the skin), herpes and, of course, HIV. The good news is that even though penicillin is still able to fight syphilis.

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According to a source Xinhua, the data of the world health organization have the following data: among people aged 19 to 49 years recorded approximately 448 million cases of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. And if it comes to HIV, the risk of disease increases.

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