According to doctors, yawning allows to judge about the development of the brain

Until recently, doctors did not know what moment a person becomes a habit and the ability to yawn. It turned out that this event coincides with 24-36 weeks of fetal development. According to CBS News, many experts agree that the development of the brain is affected by this fact.

According to Dr. Nadia Reissland of Daramsala University, it is assumed that yawning is an incentive. The study Reissland was subjected to 15 fruits - 8 female and 7 male. When you reach 24, 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy were four-dimensional scanning.

Experts have found out that during the hours the children, whether boys or girls, yawned 6 times, opening during this time his mouth 2.8 times. Simple mouth opening of the fetus occurred before 24 weeks. Then began the increase in the frequency of Sevani. Yawning became less when the fetus of 28 weeks and at 36 he ever stopped to yawn.

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It is worth mentioning that previous studies have found more frequent yawning premature infants. While those who are attending preparatory classes, and I was more than primary school pupils. Thus, the process does not affect this phenomenon. Now experts are going to find out whether a detected mode of taking drugs or diseases.

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