According to doctors, serving food easier just to pick up on eyes

In accordance with the recommendations of nutritionists, people with diabetes to control the amount of food consumed should use an unusual method of estimating the portion size. According to The Hindu, experts believe that in the list of items you can find equivalents of certain portions.

That is, to assess the need in his eyes. Controlling the amount of food, in turn, helps keep sugar in the framework. Of course, the most accurate method of estimation is weighted products, but few can do it daily without problems.

Tips type "fill your plate with vegetables halfway protein products on the quarter, giving the rest of the place carbohydrates" undefined, since the plates are different. Remains the Cup. For example, the pineapple, which is in the Cup three quarters of the volume, is estimated at 60 calories. Here, as for the plates, the size of the cups are different.

As a rule, the assessment of the amount of people is on the eyes. The system, developed by the American diabetes Association, allows you to visually estimate the amount subject to certain norms.

So, the deck of playing cards or the palm of the person corresponds to 90 grams of meat. Checkbook - 90 grams fish, boxes of matches - 30 grams chicken, Domino piece - ounces of cheese, and a Cup of vegetables most appropriate size was a tennis ball.

In a Cup the size of a fist women you can fit the ideal portion of rice, and dry oatmeal. With audiocassette compare the slice of bread. Small potato equivalent of a computer mouse. And one serving of fruit is equal to ball cricket.

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