According to doctors, if you give up fatty foods, you can be saved from breast cancer

According to California researchers, often breast cancer contributes to estrogen and progesterone. But, when not found any connection with the hormones, the tumor may develop from malnutrition. On the advice of a News Fix, should be minimized in the diet of fatty foods. This is 66 percent will contribute to reducing the risk of disease.

Data were identified in the course of the experiment, which included 2437 women, each of whom had to undergo chemotherapy to cure cancer. In experiment took part nutritionists, who gave advice 975 people. They told everyone how to make changes in your diet and reduce the intake of fat to 20 percent of the total amount of food eaten per day.

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The rest 1462 person ate as usual, without making any changes in daily food intake. Upon completion of the observation, the participants of the first group had lost an average of 2-3 pounds. Indicators of cancer in the two groups were almost identical. In women, a group which has reduced the consumption of fatty foods, tumors did not have the hormonal makeup, they had quite an impressive reduction in the risk of death.

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