According to doctors, herpes can cause chronic fatigue

Researchers at the medical College of South Florida (USA) suggested that the cause of the person's chronic fatigue can be herpes (HHV-6).

According to scientific statistics, more than 95% of people carry the herpes virus from three years (the virus is transmitted through saliva). The man is not in danger until he's all right with the immune system, once it is weakened, the virus "wakes up". When the patient is weakened, and the immune system is not functioning at full strength, the virus "wakes up" and its activity can cause a variety of diseases and disorders, up to encephalitis and pneumonia.

The herpes virus HHV-6 is primarily dangerous because it is genetically transmitted from the older generation to the younger. This is its main difference from other types of herpes viruses.

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As research scientists have identified the relationship that exists between HHV-6 and CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). From the message of the website it became known that the presence of the virus HHV-6 was detected more often in patients suffering from neurological disorders, than the representatives of the control group.

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