Accommodation next to a busy highway increases the risk of atherosclerosis

Scientists from Germany conducted a study whose results were published in a special report, available on the website of the European society of cardiology. As shown by the results of scientific work, people living next to a busy highway, thereby putting themselves at greater risk of developing heart disease.

In research took part 4814 people, whose average age was 60 years. Scientists have tracked the health status of study participants and concluded that exposure to air pollution over many years leads to atherosclerosis. In addition, specialists it was determined that the closer to the track one lives, the greater risk of formation of calcium in the cardiac region it is exposed. Every 100 meters closer to a busy highway increased the probability of the occurrence of atherosclerosis by 10 percent.

An earlier study by researchers from Denmark have found that increased street noise increases the risk of heart attack by 12%. According to the author of the study Dr. Hagen, Kalisha from Essen center of cardiology, facts emphasize that living near busy roads and increased street noise are major risk factors of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.

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