Accommodation near roads with high traffic intensity doubles the risk of autism

According to British scientists, busy road, close to where you live, can cause a doubling of the risk of child autism. Specialists have found that the chances of the child to acquire this disease dramatically increase if the fetus is in the womb or in the first year of his life exposed to air pollution.

A new study by researchers has been devoted to the study of the question, does the autism of air pollution from automobile exhausts. In the survey participated 279 children diagnosed with autism and 245 do not suffer from this disease of children in the same age and social position.

Children from families living in areas where there is a high level of traffic found to increase three times the exposure to this risk. Autism occurs in approximately one out of a hundred kids, but the symptoms of this disease usually occurs not earlier than after two years of life.

Autism or autism spectrum disorder and Asperger syndrome, indicated an umbrella term inherent in a wide range of disabilities, throughout the person's life affect his ability to communicate and social behavior.

In the UK, victims of this disease are about 600 thousand children and adults. Despite the important role of genes in the development of this disease, even less clarity exists as it is influenced by environmental factors.

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