Experts from the University of Illinois (USA) has introduced a thin lens through which ordinary phone with a camera turns into a powerful electron microscope that can save images and create videos. According to the specifications, the lens increases the image up to 555 times.

Designed to evaluate the semen quality of men. Quite one drop of semen deposited on glass. Phone camera records video, which can be fixed sperm concentration and the degree of their activity.

Now the microscope is sold in Japan for $ 10. Soon the device will appear in stores in other countries.

Scientists at the moment are creating an application for automatic analysis of sperm quality. So easy, affordable and anonymous testing should be a revolution in the diagnosis of male infertility. The test method in comparison with laboratory analysis gave the same results.

"The system can not be used to assess the ability of sperm to fertilize eggs and is suitable only for simple semen analysis. But it can be enough that men were able to identify potential problems of the reproductive function, and decided if they should seek additional help to the doctor," say the developers.

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