Academics: the quality of sleep depends on the country of residence

Doctors working in sleep medicine established: residents not all countries sleep well every day. In the study, they analyzed the condition and quality of sleep 900 thousand volunteers and 47 countries. It turned out that in some countries people sleep better than others.

The best holiday get people in Slovakia, next to them are the Chinese, Czechs and Hungarians. The Russians are on the 11th place on the quality of sleep. Before all Wake up South Africa - 6 hours 9 minutes in the morning. This is due to hot climate and the opportunity to work only in the morning and evening hours.

Interesting is another fact. Most people are waiting for the weekend to sleep, but only 30% of world population in work-free days, sleep a lot, others do anything but sleep.

Study of quality of sleep, scientists have been using the Sleep Cycle app. Daily volunteers were sent information about the duration of sleep, time of awakening, the program independently collected data on carotid phases.

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