Absolutely safe, but also highly effective are recognized protein diet

For a long time nutritionists lay doubts regarding the safety of low-carbohydrate diet. Nutritionists believed that the high concentration of proteins are able to bring considerable damage to the kidneys. However, based on the results of a recent study conducted by the Medical school of Indiana University (USA) have shown that this diet is completely safe.

Scientists deliberately compared the effect of protein and stereotypical diet, where a low fat content for example, three hundred seven obese volunteers who did not have signs of kidney disease or any other chronic diseases, says ABC News.

After about two years it appeared that the protein diet was not the cause of kidney damage, according to Dr. Ellon Friedman. It is known that a protein in the blood is associated with a lot of positive aspects that include fighting infections, improved blood circulation.

Proteins are usually quite large to pass through the kidneys, but from the blood they can still penetrate into the urine, but if the filters of the kidneys are damaged. Pathological concentration in urine protein (proteinuria) is usually evidence of kidney disease, regardless of the type of diet.

Researchers found that healthy people with overweight no matter what method to lose weight. In any case, the weight reduction will produce a positive effect, and protein diet simply cannot harm the body.

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