About the risk of stroke will alert eyes

It turns out that measuring the intraocular pressure, you can easily calculate the probability that in the future, perhaps, there will be a stroke, said Swiss scientists.

A group of scientists, headed by Pascal Bruno Bollard, representing the University of Zurich, felt all the advantages of this technique on himself, according to the medical journal Ophthalmology.

In the experiment, on the initiative of scientists from the University of Zurich, headed by Dr. bollard, took part 67 patients, each of them was put the following diagnosis: the narrowing of the carotid arteries. This disease reduces blood flow in the brain and can cause the first symptoms of stroke.

Importantly, subjects were measured eye pressure in 2 phases of the heart in diastole and systole. It was found that in people who are at high risk of stroke (i.e., those subjects whose carotid arteries were narrowed more than just the difference in terms of intraocular pressure, surprisingly, turned out to be very minor. 60 - 99% is the probability with which any, even the most experienced and qualified ophthalmologist will be able to determine the narrowing of the carotid arteries, say Swiss scientists

Today, in order to make the inspection of the cervical vessels, which, in turn, supply blood to the brain, it is necessary to resort to very expensive, not always available, but effective method for magnetic resonance imaging and Doppler.

Such treatment methods are used, for example, when a person is ill with brain ischemia, or suffering from severe hypertension, i.e. in the case when the chance of stroke is extremely high. Therefore, the authors of the study urge to resort to the measurement of intraocular pressure, this will avoid complications.

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