About the dangers of sodium glutamate

Very often the colorful food packaging you can see the following inscription "flavoring", "flavor enhancer" or simply E 621. What does this mean? It's very simple - these expressions often mask the presence in food of sodium glutamate. In appearance it resembles sugar or salt, no taste and soluble in the liquid.

Although the MSG and does not have any taste, i.e. tasteless, but has the ability to enhance the taste of other ingredients. For example, a salt solution with adding taste to be similar to a first-class meat broth. That is why he is used as a seasoning for meat, poultry, fish, mushrooms and anything not called sweet and starchy foods.

But, despite the fact that this dietary Supplement can work wonders taste, its use in food negatively affects the human body. First of all, is getting used to such food and food receptors person, after some time, lose their sensitivity, i.e. ordinary food is already beginning to seem absolutely tasteless and bland, as if something was missing. Thus begins the dependence of the human body from the use of monosodium glutamate. And it's not just words, but a proven fact many scientists.

Further damage of sodium glutamate is the emergence of diseases of the stomach and intestines, such as gastritis and ulcers, liver damage and the development of diabetes. In addition, a part of its amino acid composition, as proven by scientists who are able to participate in the transmission of impulses in the nervous system, and this causes constant headaches, muscle weakness and casename heartbeat.

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If such processes occur in the body of an adult, then what can you say about still immature child's body? Just what most often in the body of the child, under the influence of such additives, there are irreversible processes. For some reason, few parents think about the question: why today is so strongly developed all kinds of pediatric Allergy and including dermatitic character? And, in most cases, because often was used as feeding canned baby food from the supermarket. Because, sadly, it also contains nutritional supplements, only in a disguised form. Well, can not present vegetable puree stored as long as the current baby food. Therefore, be cautious of those foods that you eat, and your children.

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