About the benefits of water for human body

The human body, more than 70% consisting of water, water is essential, since it performs the following functions:

• as the basis of the interstitial fluid, the water is contained in all cells of the human body

• water in the body receives up to 10% of the daily requirement of minerals (phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron and so on)

• metabolism occurs only in the complete dissolution of the product in water

• thermal balance of the body

• the output of the harmful toxins happens to the water

The water consumption is 1.2 to 1.5 liters per day. Drinking regime is affected by many factors: air temperature, characteristics of work, age, diet and nutrition, General health status. Based on this, the person can consume per day up to 4 litres of water, of course, taking into account the water contained in the first and third dishes. Therefore, water-salt metabolism must be adjusted individually. Water is a universal tool that can have a healing effect on the body and has no contraindications. A glass of water, drink on an empty stomach, especially useful in the morning, because it promotes contractions of the intestines and helps to overcome constipation. The healing properties of water are used to prevent allergies, diabetes, atherosclerosis. With proper consumption of water is reducing weight and getting rid of cellulite.

The person's state of health is directly dependent on how and in what combinations used water. If you drink cold water after a fatty and rich food, the digestion of food clumps will be difficult.

Diseases of the stomach and intestines is recommended to drink warm (hot) water all year round. Hot water or tea, consumed in the morning, stimulate digestion, and in the evening have a calming effect, and regeneration. Even in the absence of any disease it is recommended to use warm water or room temperature. Use cold water and drinks contraindicated all.

Distilled water is harmful to the body because it doesn't contain salt. Small amounts of this water can be used to treat gout, arthritis, kidney disease.

Drinking water from the tap is also harmful for the body. This fact is proven and undeniable. The likelihood of hitting the tap water waste water, high concentrations of nitrates and salts of heavy metals (iron, lead, copper, manganese), even after boiling, make it unfit for consumption. Nitrates heavy metals are carcinogens that adversely affect the performance of the cardiovascular system. The presence of chlorine in the water significantly increases the risk of cancer of the blood. All of this can make one conclusion - the tap water must be cleaned using special filters.

Another option purification of tap water can be considered as its freezing and the use of melt water. This type of water is used in the treatment of various dermatological diseases. The use of melt water contributes to the normal metabolism and weight reduction.

Making the choice between natural mineral water and cooked in the factory, it is better to give preference to natural water with lower salinity.

Source: http://www.medskop.ru/

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