About the benefits of steam bath

It is no secret that the steam bath is not only excellent care for our body, but also gives us a lot of pleasant sensations. Steam bath can cure and prevent many diseases. There are two types of baths, which are common: dry and wet.

The humidity in the dry bath is 5 to 25%. The temperature in the room is high (50 - 100 degrees). Use dry bath is that under the action of high temperature heat dissipation more difficult. Thus, all the necessary heat is retained inside the body, which is important in the treatment of colds. Dry bath is perfect for the people, intolerant of the cold season, as well as people with skin allergies (such bath gently cares for the skin).

The possibility of overheating in dry-air bath is practically impossible, because of the dry air, the moisture evaporates faster, and heat is transferred fairly easily. If you are an athlete or just a person who loves physical activity, you will be especially useful to relax in the dry sauna.

Thanks a dry bath muscles better relaxes, restores emotional balance, as well as reduced weight.

The dry-air baths have the disadvantage that the upper respiratory tract can peresushivaya, so before the procedure is recommended to drink a glass of water.

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Raw (or steam) bath very high humidity (80 - 100%) temperature 50 - hiraba. Steam bath less gentle to the body, but habitual resident of the middle band. In wet bath moisture evaporates much worse, so the body gets very hot. So in such a bath can easily get overheated and as a result, deterioration of General condition. Wet bath is contraindicated for people with diseases of cardiovascular system, respiratory diseases, people suffering from mental disorders. If you do not have these diseases, you can safely steam. A steam room, a well-cures colds, promotes detoxification of toxins. It should be noted that to visit the steam bath is better if you lightly grab a bite to eat vegetables and fruits. In any case, do not eat before visiting the baths alcohol. To avoid heat stroke is better not to wrap your head with a towel. In the case of ill health (e.g., dizziness), you immediately get to an area of lower temperature.

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