About the beneficial properties of apricot

Useful properties of this Sunny fruit that came to us from the Himalayas, known for a long time. No wonder Kashmiri highlanders, known for their longevity and good spirits include abundant in your diet for thousands of years.

Apricot - a Treasury of vitamins, minerals, salicylic, malic and tartaric acids.

The presence of high levels of provitamin allows you to use apricots to improve vision and increase skin elasticity. Magnesium and phosphorus contained in the aromatic fruits, stimulates brain activity, improve memory and stabilize your mood.

Oil from apricot seeds are an excellent remedy to relieve symptoms of tracheitis and laryngitis. Its softening and rejuvenating properties are used in the manufacture of lipsticks and creams. Apricot oil helps damaged hair to restore its structure and improve growth. The shattered bones have proven for centuries anthelmintic effect.

The use of apricots is a pleasant way to strengthen the immune system and protect yourself from diseases. Fragrant gift from the mountain tops - coveted product in the diet. It is low-calorie and nutritious.

But especially these fruits for pregnant women, children, the elderly and the sick serdechno-vascular diseases. Calcium helps kids grow, forming strong bones and healthy teeth. Expectant mothers will find the necessary supply of iron, stabilizing the level of hemoglobin. Older people using magnesium and potassium will get rid of pressure surges. A daily intake of one glass of apricot juice gives a daily dose of vitamin C and helps the intestinal peristalsis. More about the beneficial properties of the products described on page http://dr20.ru/diet/abrikos-polza-i-vred/

A piece of the sun from the Himalayas is a small step towards health and longevity. Moreover, very nice!

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