About blepharoplasty

Today a young girl, and a solid business lady, and ladies of the third generation - all you dream of attractive appearance, open and radiant look. Check no accident almost half of all produced in the world of cosmetics intended for use in the eye area... After all, that neither he (look) attracts and indicates the existence of a life force? If young beauties problems, in General, no, to older individuals all seems much harder. In this publication we will talk about surgery, which is able to return such a desirable young look.

So, under the blepharoplasty understand the operation for changing the configuration of the century. It is recommended for such indications as bags under the eyes, eyelids heavy or aging, sagging upper eyelid skin or clear the excess lower eyelid skin.

Actually, blepharoplasty can easily cope with such problems as:

Today professionals the following types of such plastics:

Eyelid is performed under General anesthesia, i.e., anesthesia is required. When the plastic of the lower eyelid excised excess skin or skin-muscle flap, impose intradermal suture. The scar is considered to be vysokogermetichnym. During the century plastics top, due to skin incision in the skin crease, scar guaranteed to be invisible. Of course, this procedure does not apply to those that change the appearance dramatically. Rather it is possible to speak about that which is able to rejuvenate the face, and to eliminate the obvious defects of the face, giving the latter a more youthful and fresh appearance.

Plus a similar surgery in a short rehabilitation period. The operation itself lasts in the most complex cases, no more than 3 hours, and patients return home, usually within a day. The bruises minimal, and as swelling, pass quickly enough. Note that significantly accelerate the healing process treatments such as massage, lymphatic drainage and some other special physical procedures.

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