About beer and beer alcoholism

Many people in Russia, beer, is a drink, not detrimental. But scientists do not share drinks containing alcohol, in terms of their negative impact on the human body. Only in Russia there is a distinction of this disease on alcoholism and beer alcoholism.

Beer alcoholism is excessive systematic use of beer. In this case, the number of beer drinking looms from three liters and up to more than six liters of drink per person. Although it is all pretty harmless one or two cans or bottles per day.

When drinking beer possibility of alcohol dependence is not reduced in comparison with those who use liquor. Today, beer fortress, often not inferior to the alcohol content of such alcoholic beverages like wine or cocktails containing alcohol.

The danger of this type of alcoholism that excessive consumption of beer softens the stage of the disease, makes them less noticeable. Is invisible addiction and alcohol dependence. When the consumption of strong alcoholic drinks, relatives of a man who begins to abuse, can take timely measures, because the variation of man, it is impossible not to notice. The symptoms of alcoholism and personality change at beer alcoholism notice at the initial stage is almost impossible.

The main danger of beer alcoholism is its negative impact on the liver, kidney, heart and brain. When the disease may experience specific changes in cardiac tissue, the so-called beer heart and liver and kidneys. Such changes occur from excessive use of the product. When ingested, the actions of the beer aimed at the violation of the walls of blood vessels, which leads to varicose changes veins and specific changes in the heart. Cardiac function over time are violated, the heart weakens, becomes flabby, obesity and increase in size.

Of treatment recommended encoding of alcoholism or psychological impact. Need help loved ones for the fact that people were quitting.

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Not knowing the consequences of the abuse of beer, people without fear consume this product and expose yourself to danger. Victims of beer alcoholism is more likely to be men at a young age.

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