Abortion will advertise on TV

According to the new rules in England will be allowed to advertise on TV channels private abortion clinic.

This decision was given after heavy debate, the UK authorities believe that advertising will encourage pregnant women to abortion because of the marketing course. However, the dispute ended in favor of clinics, dozens of independent hospitals will advertise their services to the public. Still, the rules stated that the advertising of abortion services may be conducted only for non-commercial purposes.

Women can make abortion more than 35 English hospitals, but most of them also offers management of pregnancy and childbirth.

Joan hill charity movement against abortion "Life" considers such government approval is unacceptable, it is clear that hospitals want to raise public awareness about their services, but some of their services may not be advertised, as in other countries, podobny clinics is prohibited. They put the abortion along with such advertising products for daily needs, such as cars or detergents. Thus one of the most important choices in a woman's life trivialized, the suffering of the spawned child leveled.

Currently marketing company so will simplify the decision-making process about the abortion process itself, that the value of human life will be calculated in several dollars. At the moment, organizations are fighting for the right advice each decided on abortion women psychotherapist.

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Legalized abortion is not the worst phenomenon among developed countries, significantly reducing the number of accidents abandoned children, however, the advertising of abortion was overkill even for the advanced part of Europe.

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