Abortion for women safer childbirth

Since 1973, the US Supreme court legalized abortion, their opponents are questioning the safety of these medical procedures for termination of pregnancy. A new study by researchers from the University of North Carolina argues that the process of legal abortion is safer than childbirth.

The risk of death associated with full-term pregnancy and childbirth is 8, 8 deaths per 100 thousand women, and the risk of death from legal abortion is only 0, 6 on the same number of women. That is, at birth the chance to die in 14 times higher than with abortion.

"Regardless of abortion, they are safe, much safer than to bear and give birth to a child," says study author Dr. David Grimes.

This study aims to eradicate incorrect information, which is distributed among women. Brochures about the abortion list of complications after much more extensive than the list of complications after pregnancy, and this is a direct misinformation. Women without medical education may decide to make an unplanned child just because afraid of abortion ( which is less dangerous than childbirth).

Statistics of deaths from abortions the information was taken from clinics for 1998 - 2005. Now the doctors are hoping that the state and the government in brochures will print more truthful information, to enable women to make an informed choice not only on the basis of their beliefs, but based on the condition and the consequence for health.

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