Abortion because of the sex of the unborn child became popular in the UK

It is known that in third world countries prefer to get rid of female fetuses. Although a similar trend was seen in more developed countries. The British authorities decided to take the situation under control.

In China, India and several other countries interruption of the pregnancy by artificial means after becoming known the sex of the baby. The so-called "fashion for boys"

came in developed countries. In particular, in the UK, members of Parliament have asked the authorities to provide information about the germs of what sex are often the victims of abortion clinics in the country.

Last year, British newspaper The Telegraph conducted a proper investigation, during which it was revealed that many doctors are willing to do women abortion only on the basis of unwanted sex of the unborn child. British health Minister Earl Howie recently reported data on fertility, from which it follows that "gender selection" exists primarily among immigrants. To provide specific information regarding the nationality of mothers who do not want to give birth to girls, the Ministry of health refused, citing the fact that disclosure of this information is apart of the national interests of the UK.

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In response, a group of parliamentarians demanded that the government carry on hard statistics, which would have registered the floor at the abortion of embryos. This initiative was also opponents who believe that the disclosure of these facts will lead to the fact that national minorities will be even more isolated.

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