Abdominal hernia: symptoms and treatment of abdominal hernia

Abdominal hernia is wygodnie viscera through a given gap (slit) in the abdominal walls in vyparivalsya the peritoneum. This is called the gap grievin varotto. Usually, when it comes to surgical intervention, Grajewo bag surgeons are loops of thin and thick intestines, omentum and other organs.

Hernias are upravenia and nevprawima. Content upravenych hernias can easily be returned into the abdominal cavity. Newpagename hernia become when their content is fused with grievin bag and cannot be set back. The size of abdominal hernia can be both minor and huge (up to the size of an adult head).


Causes of hernia can be divided into General and local. The latter consist of anatomical defects of the device in the area where the hernia is formed. Common causes can be producing and predisposing.


• weakening of the abdominal wall;

• increase intra-abdominal pressure.


• age (children, the period of 30-40 years);

• gender (more common in men);

• weight loss;

• offset of the internal organs.


Special difficulties diagnosis of hernia is not. Hernia small quantity usually make themselves felt when walking fast or hard physical work. If inguinal hernia treatment in the bag enters the bladder, the patient has difficulty urinating. If the hernia is large and it includes a large intestine, the patient suffers from constipation.

Among subjective complaints include: digestive disorders, the occurrence of nausea, eructation, vomiting, discomfort and pain in the hernia. On examination, the patient, the doctor finds in a typical hernia places softish texture of the tumor, which, with some effort, vpravlyaetsya back into the abdominal cavity. When the tension of the abdominal muscles abdominal hernia appears again.

Prevention and treatment

To reduce the likelihood of hernia is necessary to train the right skills at work, regular exercise and strengthen the muscles.

In most cases, upon detection of a hernia, surgery is needed. In cases when surgery is contraindicated, as an exception specialist may prescribe the wearing of a bandage.

During surgery to remove a hernia (grignetti) hernial SAC is first allocated, then tied up, cut off. Hole, otherwise known gryzunami gates serve.

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