A young American scientist disproved the hypothesis about the usefulness of alcohol

Some people believe that drinking small amounts of red wine is an excellent method of prevention of various diseases. Meanwhile, the scientist Timothy Naimi from Medical school denies the usefulness of the above-mentioned prevention, since last year in the United States 6,000 people have died from cancer caused by alcohol. According to the scientist, all the dead were not heavy drinkers.

Men who daily consume alcohol in small doses, are more prone to the development of cancer of the oral cavity, larynx and throat. Moderate use of alcohol women tend to the origin of their breast cancer. According to the young scientist, all 6 thousand deaths could have been avoided if the deceased had consumed alcohol every day and from time to time. Naimi also said that you never know how alcohol will affect a particular person. There were cases when people used daily alcohol in small doses and lived to a ripe old age, and there have been cases when such moderate consumption in humans arose cancer, which caused his premature death.

Young scientist remains steadfast. It may not convince and approval of colleagues that small doses of alcohol is beneficial for heart health. It Naimi parries that on this subject there was no serious studies that could confirm the hypothesis that alcohol is useful.

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