A woman with a dead brain was able to give birth to a healthy baby

The development of obstetric care, neonatology and improving the quality of medical manipulations sometimes enable them to do amazing things. New technologies have given the chance to be born healthy from mother to child, which died the brain.

Brain death is coma, which is irreversible. The doctors in this set death, but to support the functions of organs and systems they can be quite a long time. It helped to give birth to a child. The baby was born at 27 weeks weighing 1,42 kg. This case was covered in the online edition of the AFP.

The story originates from the 15th week of pregnancy, when the 31-year-old pregnant woman was pronounced brain dead. Doctors at diagnosis understood that the organs and systems can work for quite a long time, if you switch the woman's body in an artificial operation. So a woman's body continued processes of gestation 27 weeks, and when caesarean section was performed. Light weight and extreme conditions did not impact significantly on the health of the baby. Modern level of medicine in favorable period will allow the child to develop.

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Operation cesarean section ended by disconnecting the patient from artificial life support. It is worth noting that the woman gave his liver, kidneys and heart four patients who needed organ transplants.

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