A woman will give birth to nine children after IVF

While in Europe and the U.S. there is an ongoing debate about the twins boom, which led to the distribution of clinics by artificial insemination, which is implanted several fertilized embryos, a resident of Mexico Karla Vanessa Perez is going to give birth after IVF nine children.

Doctors predict birth to six girls and three boys, she became pregnant dewatering after a course of fertility treatment, and refused to reduce the number of children at an early stage.

Nine children already born 20 may by caesarean section. The mother of the children of Charles Perez until invents them names because he thinks it is a bad omen.

Become one at once by the mother of nine worn-out children is a world record. Before this record was considered the mother of eight - resident U.S. Nadia Suleiman.

However, society is not unanimously considers news. In addition to joy for the happy mother have questions about the control of artificial insemination clinics, and whether will damage this "tightness" of a newborn and will not have on their development. While pregnant is on keeping under constant surveillance in the hospital.

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