A woman named Chloe Jennings-white wants to be paralyzed

According to the source, The West Australian, perfectly healthy physically Chloe Jennings-white expressed a desire to become paralytic, and asked the employees of the medicine to make her operation, which will lead to paralysis and the woman will not be able to walk. In the not too distant past it was delivered with a serious illness "Syndrome the integrity of the perception of the body", which in itself is a mental illness and appears very rarely. The essence of the deviation consists in the fact that people have the desire to be disabled.

Not experiencing any physical pain, a woman can move freely, but at home she moves the chair for the disabled. About three years ago someone from overseas doctors said that he would make Chloe surgery for transection of the sciatic and pelvic nerves. The cost of such services is evaluated by the doctor 26 thousand dollars. But the woman was not able to accumulate such a large financial sum.

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As she said herself, Chloe, for the first time, when she sat in the chair for the disabled, it felt easy. As if everything as it should be. She had a feeling that it should be disabled. It began in childhood, about four years, when as a little girl, she wished she had the tabs of the legs, as her victim's aunt. At the age a little older, already studying in the school, Chloe even refused vaccinations against polio, thought still get sick, and she will refuse feet. There were also attempts to harm themselves intentionally, but nothing happened. At the age of 22 years old woman announced its not quite normal desire. And seek mental help, not even thinking.

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