"A week-long holiday useless" - state psychologists

People going on vacation for one week only, must know the following: in fact, their vacation is only for three days, because it takes 4 days for this kind of "switch", writes The Telegraph Agency. It is only on the fourth day "weekly holiday" experience maximum relaxation and, finally, about everyday worries and stress forget.

UK statistics show that one in five employees of the enterprise (organization) all required weekend thulium, because he feels the psychological pressure ("does not work in your work schedule to fit the holiday or to fit in with the vacation schedule colleagues", "requires too much recoil). Moreover, today, every seventh just afraid to leave, because it is associated with adverse economic conditions.

As a result, each of the fourth, while on vacation, still continues to work, the third weekend thinking about work (it takes about 3 hours and 40 minutes). However, despite these circumstances, more than 1 worker 3 it is recognized that after the holidays, it is much easier to work with.

Glenn Wilson - psychologist recommends that often take a few days to rest and improve their health, because the effect of long-term vacation disappears quickly (after two to three weeks).

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