A vaccine against Smoking and universal vaccination?

In a short time smokers could use thereof prick to get rid of his addiction, scientists are developing a vaccine against nicotine addiction.

Researchers from the Medical College Weill Cornell developed the vaccine, which the body produces antibodies which kept the nicotine in the brain. Thus Smoking man does not experience any pleasure from cigarettes.

Animals have already been carried out the experiments, showing the decrease in the concentration of nicotine 85 percent. In the absence of the pleasure of Smoking a dependent will only have to cope with the psychological habit that will have nothing more to feed.

Although human trials of the vaccine have not been conducted, the study's author, Professor Ronald Crystal completely confident in its effectiveness in the fight against Smoking.

To get such a vaccine has helped achieve gene therapy, the virus was genetically modified and gained the ability in the body to infect the liver and cause it to produce nicotine antibodies.

With the success of full-scale vaccine trials from the area, the scientists, the question may arise whether it is ethical to conduct mass vaccination Smoking population at an early age.

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In Russia, known as one of the highest rates of Smoking among the population - more than 40 percent of the adult population smoke 60 percent of men and 22% women.

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