A vaccine against middle East virus is being tested

Virologists conducted the first trial of a vaccine against MERS-CoV (middle East respiratory coronavirus). It is already known that the tests were successful, and the vaccine has proven its effectiveness on the example of the great apes.

Needs to be reminded that MERS-CoV was opened in 2012, almost immediately after the opening of a new virus impressed scholars with his aggressiveness. In a short period of time doctors were able to fix 1142 cases of infection and 465 of death.

As Xinhua notes that for the past three years and have not managed to create a cure for this virus. The vaccine, which is now being tested was invented by American scientists who have achieved immunity against lethal agent in mice and monkeys. The studies used a strain of the virus JordanN3. It is noteworthy that scientists for the first time in history managed to achieve the production of antibodies that focus on patterns, not only inside but also outside of the virus, so you can talk about reducing the risk of a situation when the mutated virus will become invisible to the immune system.

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