A vaccine against anthrax worked on monkeys

Monkeys vaccinated with the new tool, were resistant to lethal infection anthrax. Capsule anthrax comprises causing disease bacterium Bacillus.

Scientists from the U.S. army were able to develop the first successful vaccine, which has protected monkeys from the disease - the most terrible threat of bioterrorism in the United States.

The anthrax bacterium produces three main components which damage is lethal toxin and edema toxin and capsule. During infection, the bacterium is surrounded by a capsule that protects it from attack by white blood cells. Scientists were able to make a vaccine that destroys capsules bacteria. Although grafted to her rabbits died from the disease, many of the vaccinated monkeys survived.

The current method of dealing with anthrax to humans based on protective antigen against toxins, infection, however it can protect only from a single strain infection.

This is the first vaccine against anthrax, which is struggling with any strain, as well as help patients whose immune system is unable to support the action of the antigen.

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