A urine test can help to diagnose cancer - scientists

Scientists of the Massachusetts Institute of technology have developed a new diagnostic method that allows to detect the presence of malignant tumors in humans. As the study material is urine. The method is relatively cheap and quick information.

For the test required the strip of paper. A similar strip is used in pregnancy test. Pre-treat her nanoparticles that respond to the enzymes of cancer cells. If the response is positive, the protease contacted with the reagent, resulting in a change of color strips. The advantage of this method is the simplicity and speed: the doctor gets within five minutes.

However, before applying the analysis in terms of clinics can take a long time. While the tests were only conducted on laboratory mice with colon cancer. Currently, scientists are preparing to launch the first stage of clinical trials test strips.

The new method will help to reduce the cost of diagnostic procedures for the detection of cancer, to make a diagnosis easier and faster. This will be especially useful for developing countries, where cancer screening not performed at all.

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