A third of parents underestimate the weight of their child - statistics

Scientists conducted a survey of three thousand parents and asked them to estimate the weight of their children. Every third underestimated the overabundance of body weight and did not understand what this means for the child in the future. Childhood obesity is a serious problem that causes early development of diabetes, heart problems and digestive system.

Many parents do not have enough information or do not want to admit the presence of obesity in the child, naming the child obesity bulk or making a discount on wide bone. The problem applies not only to residents of developing countries in South Asia and Africa, but also representatives from affluent countries.

Only one percent of respondents were aware that their child is obese, and need something to do.

For initial diagnosis does not require a lot of information, it is enough to calculate the body mass index. It is equal to weight in kilograms, delanoy by height (in metres) squared. The index of more than 17 indicates the presence of overweight, over 30 - about the obesity in the first degree, 35 - second 40 - the third degree. If you don't have a calculator, you can use a special Internet-services and mobile applications. These criteria relate to adults and adolescents. For young children there are certain standards promulgated by pediatricians.

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