A test that determines a woman's fertility is not working - the scientists

Specialists in the treatment of infertility are convinced that rapid tests for determining the time before the onset of menopause does not have the required reliability. Frequent errors that cause anxiety and more stress in women under the age of forty years, writes Ani News.

Not so long ago went on sale a special test Egg Timer. He analyzes the blood and gives information about the time, which left the woman to have a baby. As it turned out, the $ 70 that stands the test can be spent on more useful things. Such a diagnostic method provides information which is able to significantly differ from the truth. Differences in the results can reach 60%.

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The data were confirmed after the study, which covered more than 5000 women. A well-known fact that a woman is losing the egg. Every month a woman loses them to a thousand. From this calculation it is possible to draw conclusions about the onset of menopause, which leads to reduced or lack of fertility. That is why doctors advise not to delay first pregnancy, if the woman really wants the baby is born.

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