There is a separate type of people, always late. And it's not the desire to hurt someone. A tendency to be late – only trait, to cope with which is quite difficult. Proven, relaxed people are late more often. Determined individuals almost always punctual and come on time. About it reports The Daily Mail.

A tendency to be late is one of the traits, scientists say

The majority of people underestimates the time required to complete the task, at 40%. To such conclusion scientists from the University of San Diego in the study involving 181 employees city subway. It turned out multitasking people were late more often.

The time could handle people focused on one task and fast. Relaxed people are late more often. The volunteers were asked to rate intervals. For punctual people the moment lasted 58 seconds, for a relaxing and 77 seconds.

In other studies, scientists have noticed to work is often late for people with small children. Many people who don't like the work, also regularly late.

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